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Wood Stories
a quarterly newsletter

The Tappenden Collection

Every morning at 7:30, I would take my dog, Betsy to the school park behind my house to romp for a half hour with other dogs from the neighborhood.  Typical of this college town, all the other owners are a Who’s Who of achievement:  doctors, psychologists, professors, a retired physician from Doctors Without Borders, the Women’s golf coach. 

Why a newsletter?

I moved to Ann Arbor in 2014 and started building furniture in my brother’s garage. Since then, I’ve always had a steady stream of exciting commissions – often from repeat customers. Thank you.

Happy Holidays

 I’ve tried hard to avoid this theme in the past, but I think there’s no getting around it now:  We’re settling down.  Maybe it’s the rhythms of rural life, or the fact that autumn has just arrived, but our pace and routine is decidedly middle-aged. 

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