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Tongsan Dining Chairs

This dining table has been in the family for generations.  Its design seems to defy any specific furniture style -- Arts & Crafts, perhaps, but to me it is  more a personal demonstration of  one artist's craftsmanship.  To the customer's knowledge there were never any matching chairs.  Together (after 6 prototypes) we arrived at this design.


The chairs Walt made for me are a treasure. Not just because they're beautiful. They are treasures because every millimeter of them, every gram of the wood, is filled with Walt's care, craftsmanship and attention. That care and attention was there even before Walt put his hands on the wood: he talked to me, asked me what I was looking for, listened to stories about dinner parties and my childhood. He made a prototype and sat in it with me. He made another prototype and sat in that with me. Then he made 8 beautiful chairs one by one to go with the old family table I remember playing under when I was a kid. They are beautiful,and they are treasures, and they remind me of Walt, and of care and attention and craft.

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