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Salem Dining Table

Do you see a whale?

After we picked out this walnut top and brought it back to my shop, this whale's face jumped out at us.  I don't like to make furniture that looks like something else (Craig Nutt is the master at that), but this image informed the tail-ish legs and wave-like stretcher of the final design.

IMG_20220209_092416048 (1).jpg

We had seen some of Walt’s work and approached him about making a dining room table for us.  We did not have a clear idea of what we wanted. Walt spent the time to work through several different designs and approaches with us.  We decided to start by selecting a beautiful piece of wood for the top and the design evolved as a collaborative process from there.  Walt set up the giant slab of walnut on saw horses in our dining room and we were able to make decisions right there about size, shape, thickness, and the design of the base.  We continued to “visit” the table in Walt’s workshop at each phase helping to refine the design to our taste.  Although we have no doubt Walt would have created a beautiful table with much less involvement on our part, this was a wonderful process.  Somehow, although we didn’t have a clear vision when we started, we ended up with exactly what we wanted and felt a part of the creative process.  We could not be happier with the table.  


Debby Salem & Marc Zimmerman

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