Lottie's Piano Bar

This was my grandmother's piano. Built about 100 years ago by the Brewster Co. of Rochester, NY. Never a great instrument, it was sort of the Sears Silvertone of its day - an affordable workhorse that could provide musical pleasure for working class families. And so it did. Grandma Lottie played this for decades: sing-alongs in their apartment in Queens, out to upstate New York, and back to their small home in Westbury Long Island.

But it's life as a working piano had passed, and it was now just in the way.   A friend suggested we turn this into a bar.


I think this had something to do with the dampers on the piano.  But we discovered that it holds stemmed glassware pretty well


I hooked up some switches to the pedals, so they will have the ability to turn 3 things on and off. Any ideas?